*See calendar below for actual dates of events

Reoccurring Events

  • Pump Nights- Every Wednesday night starting at 7:30 pm we fill the empty dive tanks, visually inspect tanks, do general club clean up/maintenance, and have conversations with fellow club members.
  • Board Meetings- Every Second Tuesday at 7:30 pm we meet to discuss any business regarding the club. Meetings are open to any club member.

Special Events

Dive Trips

  • Open Water Checkout is the last part of May. On this weekend we will be going through the final phase of certification for our current students. Please come and assist and encourage our students.
  • Spring North Shore is sometime in May/early June. Normally we go up to Silver Bay for one day to setup the marker buoy on the Hesper for the summer.
  • Isle Royal Trip is a week long summer trip usually in July. Isle Royale is an island that is about 22 miles to the east of Grand Portage, MN, onto Lake Superior. It is an isolated island with many well preserved shipwrecks.
  • Bayfield, WI- This trip is probably our biggest trip that is really geared towards families. The trip is the first weekend in August. The diving is done in the Apostle Islands. There are many shipwrecks throughout islands. We do a fish fry on Friday. Please contact Don Matejcek if you are in need of reserving a campsite.
  • Fall North Shore- Every fall, usually in October, we take a trip to Duluth, Two Harbors, and Silver Bay to explore the shipwrecks of the area. We also remove the marker buoy from the Hesper.
  • Spontaneous other dive outings by members

Other Group Activities

  • The Spring Banquet is early April. Gathering and fellowship time is at 5 pm and dinner will start at about 6 pm. ThisPlease bring a dish to share for the meal.
  • Black Hills ATV Trip is a summer trip. They will be going out and exploring ATV trails and the local community throughout the weekend.